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Hello everyone, welcome to our Autumn Newsletter. Due to the coronavirus outbreak & since lockdown in March 2020 Scarboccia have been unable provide Boccia & Inclusive Sport sessions to our members & within the Community, however there has been plenty happening behind the scenes.

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Boccia At Home

The Rainbow Cup is a virtual Boccia competition launched by Boccia England so anyone can play Boccia at home should they wish to do so, for more information please visit Weekly challenges are set & you submit your scores online.

These challenges were posted on our Facebook page as part of National Boccia Day that was held on Sunday 27th September 2020.

Here are some challenges that you can also try at home:-

1 Get a Boccia Ball on to a £5 note

2 Put 2 pieces of A4 together & line up 6 Boccia Balls along the edge & push the balls on to the paper

3 Line up 7/8 pieces of paper in a line & roll your ball as far as you can along it without going off the paper

4 Throw a ball over a cushion & into a pan behind it

5 Using a heavy object place a sock on top & try to knock it off without moving the object such as a book

6 Using 3 pans try get a ball in to each of them

7 Push/Throw a ball in to the hoop

8 Push/Knock the ball out of the hoop

9 Place 10 numbered targets at different distances & using only 2 balls score a total of 14 without going over

10 Place 10 targets & land on as many as you can with 10 balls

11 Try to get a ball on to a single piece of toilet paper.

If you haven’t any Boccia Balls you can use any household items that can be thrown/rolled such as scrunched up paper or socks as Boccia can be adapted with the resources you have, the space that is available & according to your own level of ability but most of all have fun

We are pleased to announce that Scarboccia have recently become a Silver Accredited Club with our governing body Boccia England. This kite mark is awarded because Scarboccia demonstrate that we provide a safe, friendly and fun environment where our members can play Boccia and other Inclusive Sports either for fun or at a competitive level and that we also adhere to the required governance of Boccia England in terms of policies and procedures at a high level.

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Boccia England Kite Mark

We are also pleased to welcome aboard Nadine Bussey our newest Committee Member who has agreed to take up the position of Vice Chair and we welcome her aboard the team

Thank you to our Funders for our Amazon Echo’s & Laptops

Scarboccia was invited for an interview on Radio York with Bec Homer to discus how lockdown has affected us. Thanks to funding from Two Ridings and Stronger Communities we were able to purchase 5 Laptops for our 5 hubs in Scarborough, Whitby. Filey, Pickering & Bridlington and Echo Dots for our members so that they could keep in contact with their family and friends during the coronavirus pandemic, therefore alleviating the feeling of loneliness whilst still maintaining contact with their loved ones & community.

Stronger Communities
Making a Difference Locally @MADLcharity

Scarboccia have received a kind donation from Making a Difference Locally, which will enable us to purchase some Boccia ball sets for our members.

We have been working with Scarborough RVS Sightloss to purchase and distribute lip reading masks & Landyards for groups in our community who are visually impaired, deaf, hard of hearing or those with any disabilities that require them. It is great to see that they are having a positive impact on their daily lives and everyone around them.

This article was featured on the NYCC Website 7 October 2020

Teamwork to support our residents

Throughout lockdown and beyond, people in North Yorkshire have made an extraordinary effort to support their family, friends and neighbours.

There have been examples from every community across North Yorkshire of help and support provided when people need it.

Members of RVS Sight Loss, Yorkshire Coast and Ryedale Disability Forum and Scarboccia All Inclusive Sports been helping people, with sight or hearing loss, in Scarborough, Whitby, Filey, Pickering, Ryedale and Bridlington.

Antonio Mollica, a member of all the groups, said: “We’ve been in touch with our members and community since day one to make sure they didn’t feel isolated and were getting help with the things they needed. It was difficult at first in lockdown, when the supermarket shelves were empty and tensions were high. So, we began to think about how we could help our members who were visually impaired or deaf.”

Antonio approached the County Council’s Stronger Communities programme to seek funding to get IT kit to help members stay connected during lockdown, making sure those who were shielding and isolated had access to audiobooks, songs, jokes and voice-controlled calling to friends and family members.

Antonio, and other members of the community, looked at other measures to support the visually and hearing impaired community, including lanyards with cards that explained different disabilities, from sight and hearing loss to explaining why people might be exempt from wearing face coverings.

They also distribute lip-reading masks to members of the public working in places such as buses, shops and libraries, so people who are deaf could continue to lip read.

Antonio said: “From the start, we knew we had to help. All our groups have worked together to cover a large geographical area – we tried to reach out as far as we could and beyond. Things like lanyards really helped to raise awareness in the community, so our members could go out and avoid stigma for not wearing a mask. Our main message is everyone is in this together and no-one is left behind.”

Marie-Ann Jackson, Head of the Stronger Communities programme, said: “The response from charities like these to ensure people have access to support and help during this pandemic has been incredible. “Their inventiveness, creativity and resourcefulness to adapt their services to continue to meet people’s needs during these extraordinary times really is inspiring. “We at North Yorkshire County Council want to thank people like Antonio, who look out for others within their community. “The Stronger Communities team is on hand to support any groups in North Yorkshire that are interested in adapting their activities to enable them to continue to safely support people.”

Scarboccia Inside Facts

Scarboccia Inclusive Sport as a group are concerned, even more so now given the current COVID-19 situation with the way that insiders within sport operate lately.  It could and will have a long-term effect on disabled children within our community. 

We have come to this conclusion that in the last few years, events that have been put on by these insiders have not been followed up, as once an event has been held disabled children are not aware what groups or sports are available to them within our area.  Information and leaflets have not been forwarded to parents or given out to them meaning children are left worse off and not knowing where to turn to be able to continue with a sport they absolutely love and enjoy.

The children have no idea what inclusive sports they can participate in  so they are left despondent after the high of an event because the fundamental information has not been forwarded to them and with the concern of increasing numbers of disabled children left in isolation this we know is and will have a negative impact on their well-being as sport have been proven to have a positive impact on their mental health and improve their position in their community.

We are not happy, and we have found this to be very upsetting as the designated role of these insiders is not being properly fulfilled.  We feel it is the insiders’ responsibility and for the benefit of the children in our area we will investigate and get to the bottom of this once and for all.

Many Thanks T.M.

We would like to thank Roots of Yggdrasil for allocating us some of their Home Exercise books that will benefit our members.

New Boccia Shot Types

This video has been released by BisFed that shows the new Boccia Shot Types that will be used in future Boccia competitions and they will need to be known & practised.

Scarboccia celebrated their 6th Birthday on 7th October 2020. We give our special thanks to Pablo Rees our founder as without his vision we would not be where we are now.

Scarboccia Event Banner

It is with regret that due to the current coronavirus guidelines & restrictions Scarboccia will not be holding our Christmas Meal group social event, but rest assured we are working hard to bring Boccia back to our members & the community as soon as we can & when it is safe to do so …… until then …… STAY SAFE, PRACTICE BOCCIA & KEEP SMILING!