Welcome to our Summer newsletter. Due to the pandemic we have been unable to deliver inclusive sport sessions, but things have been happening behind the scenes.


Hi everyone, I am Tony, I am Treasurer/Fundraiser and Session deliverer of Boccia. I was introduced to Boccia by Pablo and that was it I loved it, even though I do not compete as much. I love delivering and introducing Boccia or all inclusive sports to schools and care homes etc. It is an amazing feeling that has no price.

Anyone can have a go.  I have to say it was a rough ride like a rollercoaster when Pablo left as our founder but looking back I am sure we are making him more than proud.  All the amazing work that our Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Volunteers and members have done to get us where we are.  The last few years have seen us become Silver accredited and that has an inestimable value, that goes also with our inclusive sports like New Age Kurling and Archery and the value of our hubs that reach out where we never thought we would. 

The results are impressive as this has given us more independence and more socialising as one big family.  Scarboccia continue to work hard with the vision of delivering all-inclusive sports to everyone with or without a disability as that has been our motto and always will be … Ciao

We have recently added Indoor Target Airgun Shooting our range of activities that we offer. This can be played by anyone, but is primarily a visual impaired sport that focuses on hearing rather than sight.

Indoor Target Airgun Shooting

Scarboccia would like to thank Boccia England our governing body for their kind donation of 2 Boccia ball sets through their ‘Emergency Covid-19 Club Boccia Equipment Initiative’ These are to be used by our members.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to Michelle Ahmed and Hannah Blackshire from the Facebook Group ‘Games for Charity’ and their members who have generously raised £851 for Scarboccia over a period of 3 days. These ladies are truly amazing, continuously raising funds for local charities with games and donated prizes.

One of our members, Chloe George was recently invited to feature on Parasport as a Scarboccia Club individual with an interesting story to tell – the article

Picture of Chloe they use and the Parasport website link

23rd April 2021

Linda took part in the 24 hour BIG BOCCIATHON on April 23rd from home in support of our Governing Body Boccia England and their fundraising campaign. There was lots of fun challenges, games and events that were live-streamed via the Boccia England YouTube channel. A total of £979 was raised.

Fundraising for Scarboccia

We welcome your support to enable us to continue our work and reach out to more people on the Yorkshire Coast in providing and developing the services and inclusive sports that we offer. If any of our members have any fundraising ideas or wishes to do a sponsored event then please let us know. Your input and help to fundraise is much appreciated. Please tell your friends about the Easyfundraising initiative. The link to our cause page is https://easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/scarboccia. It is FREE to join.

How does it work?

Easyfundraising turns your everyday online shopping into free donations for your favourite cause. How? Just start your online shopping first at easyfundraising, then shop as normal. Our retailers will then make a small donation to say, “thank you.”

Boccia Challenge

Using a £5, £10 note or one square of toilet paper see if you can get a Boccia ball on to it, as shown in the pictures below. If you have not got any Boccia balls available you can use socks or scrunched up paper. This is not easy. Good Luck!

Social Prescribing Scheme

Scarboccia is now taking part in the Social Prescribing Scheme in Scarborough and District. This new scheme has recently been launched by the NHS, creating a link between patients and activities in their local area.

The incentive behind the initiative is to reduce GP appointments and create a more holistic approach of support for example the signposting of services and support in to their local community by directing them to the appropriate service groups and organisations to improve their wellbeing, alongside, with or separate to medical needs and reducing health inequalities as the impact of long term health conditions or for instance feeling lonely and isolated can affect their health and wellbeing.

Chloe George Scarboccia Member

One of our members, Chloe George was recently invited to feature on the Parasport website as a Scarboccia club individual with an interesting story to tell.  Scarboccia are also featured as a club on Parasport too.

The Featured Article in Chloe’s own words:-

Chloe George is 23 and lives in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. She is a member of Scarboccia, an inclusive boccia club based in Scarborough. 

An incredibly multi-talented and ambitious woman, Chloe grabs life with both hands and has competed at Boccia England competitions and also won medals at Special Olympics competitions. 

Chloe is autistic, has dyspraxia and global developmental delay among other complications but she has never let that stop her from enjoying sport. 

But, as you will discover, there is far more to her than meets the eye. 

Here is Chloe’s inspirational story so far in her own words. 

I have been playing Boccia since the age of 11. When I lived in Ely I took part in a holiday club called Playscheme and a club called Camboccia came in one day. 

I had a go at it and immediately liked it, I took a leaflet, started going and I was hooked. 

I then started doing boccia competitions and I realised that the sport was for me – I enjoyed it and found it easy and fun. 

When I left Cambridgeshire and moved up to Bridlington when I was 17 I wanted to go to a new boccia club and Scarboccia was recommended to me, the rest is history. 

I love boccia because it is easy to understand, it is relaxing, I like that it is very sensory rolling the balls in your hands to warm them up. 

I know it is very competitive, but it is competitive in a nice way, everybody is so encouraging and makes you stronger. It is a nice atmosphere and I have always felt safe and comfortable doing it. 

It is nice to meet other people with the same disability but also you get to understand other needs and disabilities. It is such an inclusive sport. 

It is a safe and healthy way of making new friends and I have also won a lot of medals and trophies, including with the Special Olympics, which I love. 

Away from boccia, I also ski and in normal times once a month on a Sunday I would go with my stepfather indoor skiing in Castleford as part of a disability scheme group. 

I also do boxercise at Curtis Woodhouse Elite Boxing Academy in Driffield, and I am part of Autism Angels in Harrogate. I absolutely love horses and ponies; in normal times you can ride them and take them out for walks. 

I also do beauty pageants as well and that helps me with my confidence.  

I travel to do them all across the country and everybody is nice to each other there, the other girls treat me the same.  

I wear heels and it helps with my balance. I win crowns and medals and I just love getting done up and feeling like a princess. It is very inclusive, like boccia. 

When I enter the pageants, as a pageant beauty queen I am expected to do a little bit of charity work. Sometimes I do a car boot sales and other times raffles. 

It is a lot, but I just squeeze everything in and make the time and just keep going. It is all you can do in life. 

Everything I do helps me in so many different ways and I will carry on doing it all for as long as I can. They have allowed me to try new things and things that I never thought I could do before. 

It is scary going up that big mountain, but it gives you that amazing feeling. It is great for your health, physical and mental. 

I believe now that I am worthwhile and that I can do things. It has changed my life a lot, it has given me a lot of confidence and given me a lot of belief. 

Sometimes I will be down, but I will remind myself that I have won all these medals for myself, nobody else has won all these medals, only me. 

In the future I am also going to try and set up my own little boccia group in Bridlington on Sunday afternoons.  

I want to give other people a chance of competing, going to competitions and all the rest. 

Scarboccia have been approached by Vantage Toyota Scarborough, as they have chosen us as their charity that they wish to fundraise for and support. The Parasport website is powered by Toyota at a National level. but they are now helping at a local level. We look forward to working with them.

Scarboccia was nominated for a Lockdown Legend award by Active Yorkshire Coast for our work supporting our members and the community during the Covid-19 pandemic. During the last year we have supported our members by working with NYCC Stronger Communities to provide Echo Shows and Dots so that members do not feel isolated and lonely and these have enabled them to keep in touch with their loved ones.

We have also worked with other groups to purchase Sunflower Landyards and lip reading masks for those with hearing and visual impairments making it easier for them to be understood in these difficult times. We have had to adapt using zoom and weekly virtual challenges and entered competitions with Smile Through Sport and the Bocciathon, we have also been showcased by Boccia England via a webinar as an example of good practice we have done in terms of fundraising and the way we operate with our Silver accreditation.

Scarboccia now has the Understanding Autism Badge

Scarboccia have recently loaned out some Boccia balls to Priceholme Care Home in Scarborough so that they could play and enjoy Boccia until it is safe for us to start to deliver Boccia sessions again. These photos show that fun was had by the residents. We look forward to working with them in the future.